Moscow entered the top 25 cities in terms of greenhouse gas emissions

A study of the situation with greenhouse gas emissions in 167 cities around the world showed that more than half of the emissions (52%) come from only 25 cities. Among the leaders in emissions are 22 Chinese cities, as well as Tokyo, Moscow and Istanbul. A study by Chinese scientists published in the journal Frontiers in Sustainable Cities. At the same time, the authors emphasize that not all cities have complete data for recent years, and in some cases they had to deal with data, for example, for 2010-2012.

Overall, the study looked at 167 cities in 53 countries around the world. Their total greenhouse gas emissions range from 3.5 kilotons to 199.7 megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. And according to this indicator, Asian cities are among the absolute leaders: Handan (199.9 Mt), Shanghai (almost 190 Mt), Suzhou (slightly more than 150 Mt).

Moscow has the largest emissions among other European cities – about 110 Mt (data for 2011). In St. Petersburg, emissions are much lower – about 40 Mt (2010).

According to scientists, the volume of per capita emissions in the cities included in the study is also large – from 0.15 tons to 34.95 tons in carbon dioxide equivalent. According to this indicator, mainly American, European and Australian megacities are in the lead.

Alena Miklashevskaya



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