Moshe celebrates good news winner: New buyer for Betar Jerusalem?

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Moshe Hogg, Betar Jerusalem (Flash 90 / Yonatan Sindel)

In the shadow of Moshe Hogg’s unusual entanglement in the crypto fraud and sexual harassment affair, his Betar Jerusalem team has interesting news and a new development regarding a possible purchase of the club from the hands of Hogg who put the team up for sale.

According to a report on the ONE website, the Israeli-American businessman Ilan Tzedaka, is in serious negotiations to buy the group from the capital. The Israeli businessman living in the United States has so far looked very serious about his intentions to buy the group

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As part of his seriousness, charity received materials about the group, and everything there is to know about it in terms of possible purchase. For now he is trying to keep a low fire and act in secret, and in the coming days they will know if his intentions will become a deal of the group’s acquisition officially.

Tzedaka’s interest comes after it was revealed that Betar Jerusalem businessman and owner Moshe Hogg became even more entangled after Baruch Kara’s investigation into News 13 about Omri Yaari’s modeling agency, where Hogg served as a “sponsor” for the alleged agency, and the suspicion that the agent tried to silence claims Celebrating sexually harassed.

It should be noted that the initial (and unrealistic) price tag set by Celebrate was $ 11-14 million, about NIS 45 million. If such a move is implemented, Hogg will be able to put about NIS 20 million in his pocket, after acquiring the team from Eli Tabib for NIS 27 million.

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