Moshe Leon praises the Ezra movement

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Tonight, the Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, attended the Shabbat graduation ceremony organized by the Ezra youth movement at the Homat Shmuel and Ezra Merkaz branches.

During the event at the Shmuel Wall, Leon congratulated the members of the movement “I congratulate the members of the movement on the occasion of the end of a full month of educational and fun activities, in Jerusalem there are over 4000 Ezra members

The mayor noted that these days there is a wide construction of new branches for the benefit of all members of the youth movements in the city.

After the mayor’s speech, he spoke in front of hundreds of trainees and parents holding the portfolio of youth movements in the Jerusalem municipality and former Ezra movement secretary general Yehuda (Guri) Freudiger who thanked the mayor for his work on behalf of the youth movements in the city. The youth brought the activities of the movements to an unprecedented peak. “We cherish him for that,” Foydiger noted.

From there, the mayor, Moshe Leon, traveled to the Ezra Center branch, where he informed the campers and parents that by the end of 2022 the municipality will begin construction of a new branch within the Horev School.

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