Most Chinese companies have switched to a digital format of work

70% of Chinese companies have switched to a digital work format, Jianwei Wang, Deputy Director of the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of the PRC, said in his speech at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum on March 3. According to him, the PRC authorities at the state and local levels are promoting the informatization of production, which is the main trend in the industry in general.

Processes within this trend, Wang explained, are taken under state control. As of the end of 2021, 40,000 companies have begun the transition to digital. According to experts, digitalization solves the problem of lack of production forces. Also, the Chinese authorities are promoting the development of new applications for enterprises – they are built on Big Data technology (big data analysis). When used in industry, applications help create new, informatized companies, as well as new ways to manage them. Wang also stressed that there are about 100 platforms in China that provide digitalization services to 7,000 Chinese companies. A Chinese official claims that through cooperation with such a platform, one of the enterprises managed to reduce energy consumption by 3%, and the cost of goods by 10%.

According to Wang, cooperation with Russia in the field of informatization is beneficial for China. From specific promising areas, he singled out Big Data and cloud technologies. Informatization should also be facilitated by the development of joint standards and the creation of new Internet platforms.

The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum takes place from 2 to 4 March. The main topic this year is Siberia: the economy of the future.


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