Most Germans do not support Ukraine’s accession to NATO | News from Germany about Germany | DW

Most Germans do not support Ukraine’s accession to NATO |  News from Germany about Germany |  DW

More than half of Germans (53%) do not support Ukraine’s membership in NATO. This is evidenced by the results of the Deutschlandtrend public opinion poll, presented on Friday, February 18, conducted by the Infratest dimap institute commissioned by the public law television channel ARD.

31% of respondents opposed Ukraine’s entry into the North Atlantic Alliance in the coming years, another 22% completely ruled out the membership of this country in the organization.

28% of those polled were against the admission of Ukraine to NATO in the current situation, referring to the accumulation of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers near the Ukrainian borders. 19% of respondents could not or did not want to answer the question about Ukraine’s membership in the alliance.

Russia Demands NATO to Refuse Eastward Expansion

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly demanded to stop NATO’s eastward expansion and withdraw the alliance’s troops from Eastern Europe. He also argued that if Ukraine joins the alliance, Europe will be drawn into a war with Russia.

“If Ukraine joins NATO and takes back Crimea by military means, European countries will automatically be drawn into a military conflict with Russia,” he said at a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on February 8. “We understand that the potential of Russia and NATO is not comparable , but we also understand that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers,” Putin added at the time.

The North Atlantic Alliance, in turn, has repeatedly emphasized that the issue of Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not on the agenda.

On February 17, Russia demanded the withdrawal of US troops from Eastern Europe. This position is contained in Moscow’s written response to Washington “on security proposals.” The document, in particular, states that if the United States is not ready to negotiate, “Moscow may resort to measures of a military-technical nature.”

Conflict over Ukraine

In recent months, relations between Russia and the West have sharply deteriorated due to the buildup of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine. Western countries believe that Russia is ready for a new invasion and threaten it with harsh sanctions. Moscow denies military aggression plans.

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