Most of the healthy people in England are Hindus

Most of the healthy people in England are Hindus

Hindus are crazy about health

Based on its records, the Office for National Statistics analyzes and publishes information on various sub-categories of the country’s population. In that way, information has been released on the topic of religion through housing, health, employment and education. It is as follows:-

In terms of health overall 82 percent are good. But among Hindus this health rate is 87.8 percent. Of the total educational attainment rate, the number of people educated at level 4 and above (certificate level) is 33.8 percent. But among Hindus it is 54.8 percent.

Sikhs are big on their own homes

Taking into account own houses, a maximum of 77.7 percent of Sikhs live in their own houses. Reporting religion in the census is voluntary. In England, 94 percent reported their religion. Christians report poorer health than the population as a whole.

36 percent of those living in their own homes are Christians. This is higher than the overall population of 27.1 percent. An average of 51-year-olds reported still paying back a mortgage or loan.

This has come to light.

Earlier figures, already released, showed that the number of Christians in England had fallen below half of the population for the first time. It was also found that the population of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs was increasing.


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