Most regions prick against monkey pox, RIVM comes with update

Preventive vaccination against the monkeypox virus is getting underway in more and more parts of the Netherlands. How many people have received a shot in the past week, the National Institute reports Public health and Environment (RIVM) Thursday. The counter stood at 1976 vaccinated people a week ago.

People are getting the smallpox vaccine Imvanex. Two vaccinations with it should protect them in case they contract the monkey pox virus. Several tens of thousands of people are invited for the first batch. Transgender people and men who have sex with men are eligible for the shot if they are HIV positive or if they take medication to prevent them from contracting HIV. They may be at greatest risk of becoming infected with the monkeypox virus.

GGD regions

The preventive vaccination started at the end of July in Amsterdam and Haaglanden. After that, the GGD regions of Utrecht, IJsselland, Drenthe, Gelderland-Midden and South Limburg started vaccinating. In the meantime, Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Friesland, Hollands Noorden, Twente, South Holland South, Zaanstreek-Waterland, Groningen, Hollands Midden, Zeeland and Kennemerland have also made the first shots.

RIVM will also release new figures on the number of confirmed infections with the monkey pox virus on Thursday. Up to last Thursday, 957 people had tested positive. (ANP)


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