Mosul is still washing away the material and psychological effects of its fall into the hands of ISIS

Mosul is still washing away the material and psychological effects of its fall into the hands of ISIS

2023-06-10 17:39:32

June 10, 2023

Baghdad / Obelisk Al-Hadath: On Saturday, the people of Mosul, the second largest Iraqi city, remember the difficult years they lived through during the occupation of their city by ISIS on this day in 2014.

Defense Minister Thabet Al-Abbasi affirmed that all sleeper cells and remnants of terrorist gangs will be eliminated, so that they will not have any foothold in the land of civilizations.

He added, “The occupation of Mosul by the terrorists and the heinous crimes they committed in this city are no more than today being a painful memory that the people of Iraq remember, and the spark of bravery and sacrifice ignites within them in order to protect and defend the homeland.”

The fall of the city of Mosul in the hands of ISIS caused great psychological and negative effects on the population and the local community in the city.

Hassan al-Jubouri, a resident of the city, says that many residents suffered from psychological trauma due to the sudden occupation of the city and the rapid change in daily life.

He continued: At that time, I felt fear, anxiety, and the inability to deal with the new situation.

The fall of the city in the hands of ISIS posed a direct threat to personal security and psychological stability. The population has lost confidence in the government and the security forces and has made them live in a state of constant suspicion and fear.

Muhammad Sharif, who lived through the ISIS phase in Mosul, said that people still feel grief and pain because of the loss of their loved ones and friends, the destruction of property and infrastructure, and ISIS persecution of religious and ethnic minorities.

The fall of ISIS led to the division of society and the disintegration of social bonds. Individuals suffered from isolation and isolation, and this may take a long time to rebuild trust and communication with each other.

And coinciding with the fall of Mosul, thousands of Iraqi youth were executed at the hands of ISIS and its collaborators in the Camp Speicher massacre.

The United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by ISIS (UNITAD) confirmed, on Saturday, that the Speicher crime represents the largest documented mass killing.

The representative of the team, Kinka Morris, said in a speech during the memorial forum, that the United Nations investigation team is conducting its investigations regarding this crime, which is one of the largest documented mass killings, which claimed the lives of nearly 2,000 martyrs.

Morris added that the team will work to bring the perpetrators to justice, as it has worked since its formation to overthrow the perpetrators.

She stressed that the international community, under international law, considers these crimes to be among the greatest crimes committed, and by collecting evidence, the perpetrators of this crime will be held accountable according to international standards, even after decades.

She pointed out that the team is working with the Iraqi authorities to shed light on these crimes, reveal their perpetrators, and present the results of the investigation to the member states of the United Nations regarding this crime.

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