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The singer and musician Motti Mor, a resident of Hod Hasharon, who these days releases the single “Shir Metangan”. A quiet song in a Mediterranean style with a brilliant musical arrangement by Nir Becher in the caressing voice of Moti Mor that manages to touch the emotions of the listeners (lyrics and melody: Avi Sasson, arrangement, musical production and mix: Nir Becher, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and voices: Nir Becher, mastering : ARAN LAVU, drums: Raphael Hevroni, violin: Noor Rahamim.
Moti Mor, who lives in Hod Hasharon and has been involved in music for 25 years, realized at the age of 15 that he belonged in the world of music. He appeared in houses with a musical group he founded with his good friend Ofir, who together would play for hours: Ofir on the keyboards and Muti sang. Both recorded their songs with a microphone on tapes, with the whole neighborhood hearing the performance live. In 1999, when Muti was 17 years old, he recorded the song “Mishala” by Boaz Sharabi on an album, produced by an association in which he participated with other artists.
After military service at the air force base in Ramat David, Moti and his friend Ofir moved to Rehovot, where they started performing cover versions of Mediterranean songs with their musical ensemble in homes, pubs and at events such as birthdays. Muti released his first album “Hozer Now” in 2000, in which he had a duet with the singer Keren Levy. The album was distributed through Avi Guetta’s office.
A few months after the release of Moti Mor’s first album, the single “The Heart Longs” was released, which he dedicated to the late Adi Avitan of Tiberias, who was one of the three kidnapped soldiers who were killed on the Lebanese border in 2000. The song, written by Avi Sasson, was played continuously on radio stations Across the country.
Moti: “I didn’t know how Adi Avitan’s family would receive the song I recorded. After his uncle heard the song, they started playing it on the radio stations in Tiberias and in the north in the imperfect version of the sketch of the song. They asked me to perform the song at colleges across the country and also at large gatherings for abductees held with well-known artists Throughout the country: in Rabin Square, Beltron, Jerusalem and more.”
Later, Moti re-recorded the song “The Heart Longs”, which was played on radio stations throughout the country. He appeared with the song on Yaron Ilan’s ‘Mint Smell’ show, and the song made it to the news broadcast on Channel 11, and Moti even appeared with it at a rally held in Tiberias. After about a month, Uzi Hitman and Ariel Zilber wrote a song in memory of the other two kidnapped soldiers, Omer Sawad and the late Bnei Avraham. “At the time, we performed on top of large dead bodies throughout the country with my song and their song,” he recalled.
In 2008, Motti Moore released the song “All Night”, which was produced by Eli Banai. Two years later he released the song “I wander at night”, which was written and produced by Yossi Ben David, songwriter, music producer and composer.
Khali, Moti Mor’s wife, went with Moti’s sister to Miri Masika’s concert and on the way a car hit her car. A car stopped next to the damaged vehicle, from which Yossi Ben David and another person got out.
Moti: “My wife Hali recognized Yossi Ben David from the program ‘The Transparent Studio’ broadcast on Channel 24, which she watched before going to the concert. he told her: ‘God sent me to you. Take my phone number.” I asked my wife to call him and she told him: ‘God didn’t just send you to me. My husband is a singer. Listen to him and then decide.’ all night’.
He told me: ‘God gave you a gift. I am ready to give you a song and melody as a gift from me.’ He wrote me some songs and invited me to listen to which songs I connect to.”
Moti and Hali are the parents of Ben and Alin, who demonstrate musical skills like their parents.
“We are a musical family: daughter Elin played the violin at school, and son and she enrolled in a music school in the Sharon area,” he says.

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