Motion of censure, live | Patxi López, al PP: “Feijóo’s future is linked to Vox” | spain

Motion of censure, live |  Patxi López, al PP: “Feijóo’s future is linked to Vox” |  spain

Patxi López: “You treat us as enemies; you will never be our enemies”

Patxi López, spokesperson for the PSOE in Congress, assures that they have felt threatened by posters accusing Socialists who have placed Navarrese partners of the PP as “traitors”. The popular imprecate López. “You consider us the enemy to beat, and your expressions certify it,” he says, shortly after recalling the “kill them” written by Isabel Díaz Ayuso to instruct the PP in Madrid on how to treat leftist parties. “The big difference between us and you is that no matter how much we disagree, you will never be our enemies, because we know what that means, because we have had enough enemies already.”

The former Lehendakari now turns his darts at Ramón Tamames, whom he reminds of his motions of censure in different institutions and with different parties. “You also participated in the conspiracy of the crime, even going beyond the law… you already have a history of wanting to destroy a progressive government, but I appreciate your calm and not tense tone, but you are going to allow me to play your role these days It’s hard for me to understand, because in this representation the strings are pulled by Vox. You put your name and your career at the service of Vox of the extreme right, you soften the poison, the unbearable, even for you. Vox is an amendment to the totality to 40 years of democracy and the Transition that you say you defend”.


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