Movie Review – “Demon Mowers 3: The Life After”: A sequel with no magic or fun

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“Demon Mowers 3: The Life After” is non-offensive, girl-friendly (though not for the little ones) entertainment, but lacks good soul, charisma or drama to justify its existence


Hollywood is hesitant to leave the series “Ghostbusters“. Now, “The Demon Mowers 3: The Life After”Is a reminder that some things should remain in place in the past, and not be resurrected. The sequel relies too heavily on nostalgia and action sequences – with nothing of the silly lightness that made “Ghostbusters”From 1984 to unforgettable in the first place. Directed by Jason Reitman, Which revives the series of his father – the original director, Ivan Reitman, “The Demon Mowers 3: The Life After”It is non-offensive, girl-friendly (though not toddler-friendly) entertainment, but lacks good soul, charisma or drama to justify its existence.

Cali (Carrie Conn) Struggles financially, but decides to leave her old life behind and packs her two children – Phoebe (Makina Grace) And Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) – and moves to Summerville, Oklahoma after her father, Egon Spengler, dies. After being estranged from her father, Kali is surprised that he left her a dirt farm. Although there does not seem to be anything in it other than garbage and dirt, Phoebe – alongside her new boyfriend, a podcast (Logan Kim), And summer school teacher / seismologist Gary Groverson (Paul Rudd) Discover that the King of Demons is preparing for something evil that will hit Earth. When Phoebe discovers that her grandfather was a demon mower, she follows him to prevent a catastrophic event from erupting beneath Summerville.

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The Demon Mowers 3: The Life After“Combines elements from the ‘Ghostbusters’ video game and the original film to bring the story to full circle, but by respecting the original – it loses itself in the process. The film itself will probably work well in front of a younger audience, as it is very family friendly, but there is also very little empathy, as the film lacks any emotional risk. There is a certain tension between Phoebe and Cali, but he lacks brilliance at best. All of Phoebe’s characterization falls into the trap of ‘good in science’ causing her to have knowledge of everything related to science, even when it does not make sense to someone her age (no matter how many books she has read). This is something that sometimes happens in cinema with technologically smart characters, who can suddenly break in and solve any type of computer system, satellite and the like.

To Wrightman, and to the co-screenwriter Gil Keenan, There is a seemingly romantic connection with everything related to heritage, when “The Demon Mowers 3: The Life AfterWe cling to the idea that the only people who can save the world from an apocalypse are the grandchildren of one of the original demon-killers. The way Reitman also usesHarold Ramis The late is disrespectful and not particularly decent, an attempt to elaborate on the strings of the heart and elevate a story that actually falls. The decision to return the villain from “Ghostbusters“Since 1984 she has been lazy and calculated; The characters could have taken on a whole new villain, but the film chooses to recycle an old plot line just for the sake of nostalgia.

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Given the way the film is likely to work well in front of younger audiences, the nostalgia factor is not even necessary for the story to work. There is a lot of potential that the film wastes in order to return what has already been done. “The Demon Mowers 3: The Life After“Is an opportunity to be charming and silly, traits that made the original film and its sequel memorable, but he wastes them, takes himself too seriously and therefore draws the joy and charisma from the story. Even the jokes, which are meant to be embarrassing because they are science-related, do not work, even though they are occasionally funny. “The Demon Mowers 3: The Life After”Needs a lot more also from Rad and Conn, who are so underutilized that one can wonder why they bring in players of their size to do very little.

The Demon Mowers 3: The Life After“So busy with his action sequences, he gives up all the fun. The general lack of energy is holding back the pace and the story could have used a lot more creativity. The film relies too much on the original to stand out on its own and therefore fails to create a personality of its own. There are elements that work – that is, the friendship between Phoebe and the podcast – but the story often runs around as it should, leaving behind all the passion and zeal for a more serious approach, which simply does not fit into the heart of “Ghostbusters“. With an unobtrusive story and zero magic, “The Demon Mowers 3: The Life After“I do not really know what he wants to be and it only serves as a reminder of how light and entertaining the 1984 film was.

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The movie “Demon Mowers 3: The Life After” | “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”- now in theaters

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