Mozart’s beloved opera, “Don Giovanni”, will be performed at the Israeli Opera House

Mozart’s beloved opera, “Don Giovanni”, will be performed at the Israeli Opera House

Mozart’s beloved opera, “Don Giovanni”, will be staged next month at the Israel Opera House in a joint production with the Royal Covent Garden Opera House in London, directed by the Danish director Kasper Holten and conducted by maestro Carl Heinz Steffens.

‘Don Giovanni’ – one of the greatest operatic hits, and the dramatic opera out of the three operas (“So they all do” and “The Marriage of Figaro”) that Mozart wrote together with the librettist Lorenzo da Ponte, combines comedy, tragedy and music full of sensitivity and insight into the greatest lover of all , who passionately pursues many women, but fails time and time again.

Director Kasper Holten, who served as artistic director of the Royal Covent Garden Opera House in London, focuses on the psychological nature of the opera (as he did in the 2009 motion picture based on this opera). And placed the opera in the Victorian period, where, as we know, sexuality and passions were suppressed below the surface and the style was modest and conservative.

Against this restrained background, in which removing a glove from a woman’s hand, could be interpreted as a provocative act – Jobni’s predatory libido seems even more coarse and violent. In this way Holten manages to direct the spotlight to the seduction process itself and not only to the destructive results of Jobni’s conquests.

The emotional layers in the opera are translated on stage with Video Mapping technology – which creates a combination between a large-scale set and a projection system that works in coordination with the movement of the structure and 3D images.

The stage itself is designed as a maze, which, like Giovanni’s fickle temper, can turn upside down in an instant. The stage structure simulates a mansion with multiple corridors and doors that create a winding and deceptive structure, while the video-art work constitutes another visual layer that sharpens the dramatic messages, and at the same time creates a blur between reality and hallucination.

The grandiose costumes were created by the costume designer Anya Van Kraag and express the splendor of the Victorian era. The women’s costumes that Don Giovanni conquers will be marked with ink stains. While their owners are blindfolded to what is happening. “This is our interpretation of his actions, it connects to the MeToo campaign, which is completely political and resonates in the public atmosphere today, which sees such actions as something negative, forceful and destructive,” Van Kraag says.

For conductor Carl Heinz Steffens, this is the first time he will win at the Israeli opera. Steffens, born in Germany, the musical director of the State Opera in Prague and the chief conductor and artistic advisor of the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra.

The production will be attended by the Israeli Opera Choir conducted by Itai Berkovic, the opera orchestra: the Rishon Lezion Israel Symphony Orchestra and a team of leading soloists from Israel and the Israeli Opera, and singers from around the world who will appear for the first time on the stage of the Israeli Opera: the Argentinian baritone German Enrique Alcantara and the Israeli baritone Oded Reich will alternately sing The main role of Don Giovanni.

The Italian baritone singers Paolo Bordonia, in the roles of Mozart and Rossini, and Guido Dazzini will sing the role of Porello. The Israeli soprano singers Ella Wasilbitsky and the Romanian Yulia Maria Dan will perform the role of Donna Anna, the Israelis Yael Levita and Anat Cherny will play the role of Donna Elvira and other singers.

Don Jobni Israeli Opera House named after Shlomo (Chietz) Lahat.

on March 17-29


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