“Mr. Netanyahu, don’t be the prime minister who will make your enemies’ dream come true”

“Mr. Netanyahu, don’t be the prime minister who will make your enemies’ dream come true”

DSince the creation of Israel in 1948, the Diaspora has supported with all its strength this State born from the ashes of millions of Jews and built with the blood and sweat of millions of others, convinced that only its construction would allow them to to be free. Free to be Jews in all their diversity: observant or secular. Joined by immigrants from all countries, inhabited by the same conviction or fleeing this filthy beast that is anti-Semitism, all these citizens have committed themselves in a determined way to this fragile State, but strong in its people, its desire to live and diaspora solidarities. Their dream? Build a State with exemplary values: democratic, social justice, sharing and courage.

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And Israel was exemplary in more ways than one: the bravery of soldier-peasants, the resistance of a people who no longer wanted to allow themselves to be humiliated, even annihilated, the military genius which made it possible to emerge victorious from imposed wars where the numerical superiority of the enemies made people fear the worst. But also the kibbutz, agricultural engineering, science, research, culture, the generosity of its social programs, despite the impecunious state of the country, and, much later, the “start-up nation”.

Does this mean that the State of Israel is perfect? No, there are still too many injustices, difficulties and, above all, the attempts at peace have not succeeded. The fate of the Palestinians remains an entire problem, for which the solution exists only in the respect and dignity of all. The security of the State and its citizens remains a major concern: there are still neighbors who openly want the destruction of the State of Israel. We must never forget that. Its economy, which is brilliant despite having few natural resources, is driven by the work and genius of the Israelis. Its achievements command admiration, both in the field of education, with its exceptional universities, open to all, and in this melting pot of training and integration that is the Tsahal.

Two major risks

Despite its shortcomings, the State of Israel has effectively risen to an exemplary level compared to many other countries, including among Western democracies, and this despite a hostile, harsh environment, a life of constraints imposed by a everyday terrorism. Two great values ​​have served as pillars in the construction of the State of Israel: unity – despite the divisions (don’t we say that if we put two Jews to debate, we would have at least three opinions?) and a flawless democracy. Admittedly sometimes complicated by the ballot of lists, this democracy raised in dogma, respected in the same way as the Tables of the Law, the separation of powers: the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, without forgetting the fourth power which is the press, whose freedom of criticism is impressive. This is why all the Israeli prime ministers, including Binyamin Netanyahu, have raised the banner of this democracy, the only one in the region.

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