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2 euros for 1 liter of super petrol? Not yet nationwide in Germany, but at some petrol stations this number is actually on the display board.

There was something …

When will the fuel price brake actually come, Mr. Scheuer?

BILD asked and received the following answer from the Minister of Transport:

The Federal Transport Minister sees the future federal government’s duty to take countermeasures if fuel prices are too high. But now he himself would finally act.

The CSU minister wants to present Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) with a proposal “to put a brake on fuel prices through the energy tax”.

“66 percent of the gasoline price is influenced by the state with taxes and duties,” said Andreas Scheuer (47, CSU) to BILD. At least this share can be influenced politically.

And further: “At the latest at a price of 1.99 euros per liter, the state must intervene and reduce taxes in return.”

So high time, with prices rising every day.

At BILD Live, Scheuer underpinned his demand: “The federal government still in office must act now because we are heading for an increase in prices, from which the state is even benefiting and that is bizarre, we want to formulate the social question for mobility and the social question is that the citizens must participate and the economy must not be stalled at this point. “

The state should not be the main beneficiary of high fuel prices.

Scheuer called on FDP leader Christian Lindner to implement this in talks with the SPD and the Greens for a traffic light alliance. Lindner called for countermeasures to be taken on the price of petrol during the election campaign. “This is exactly what he must now enforce in a traffic light coalition. Otherwise he makes himself implausible. And the traffic light is already showing how indifferent it is to the concerns of citizens, ”said Scheuer.

Scheuer request to Scholz: “We did not stop work after the federal election and I also demand that from the federal government that is still in office and also from the federal finance minister who is still in office,” said Scheuer.

Because: “We also have to align ourselves with the fact that we will also receive the CO2 pricing from January 1, 2022. That means another 9 cents on top. “

At BILD Live, Scheuer also shoots against the SPD and its downsizing of inflation and the order to save in times of expensive heating costs: “That is pure mockery. But renunciation is not a concept, and also to mock people in these statements, it shows how social democracy thinks. That’s really shocking ”.

Top comrade Katarina Barley (52) shone in the WDR talk “Hard but fair” with luxury advice: “The kilowatt hour that is cheapest is the one that you don’t use.” SPD boss Norbert Walter-Borjans thinks of concern Millions of Germans facing record inflation (4.1 percent) meanwhile “understandable”, but: “It is currently not justified.”

Government does not plan any additional measures

The incumbent federal government is not planning any additional government measures to counter rising energy prices.

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said he could not announce such measures that would affect the next government. The federal government is continuously following the price development. Relief has already been decided: a reduction in the EEG surcharge to promote green electricity from state funds, an increase in the commuter allowance and improvements in housing benefits.



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