MS Ashdo wants Yan Yosefov from Beitar Jerusalem

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MS Ashdod is trying to add the young Beitar Jerusalem player Yan Yousfov to its ranks. The player who plays in the striker position is considered a great talent in the youth and boys ages and may apply to the committee for the status of the player

MS Ashdod wants to add to its ranks from Beitar Jerusalem the young talent Yan Yosefov who is supposed to go to the player status committee in order to be released from his contract in the capital.

Last June, 16-year-old Yan Yusupov went out to impress Rapid Vienna, but returned to Beitar Jerusalem. Yusupov, who finished the past season as the top scorer in the Premier League for boys A with 31 goals, also played in Beitar’s youth team and even scored this season.

He plays mainly in the wing positions.

Last summer, Yusupov also starred in the uniform of the boys’ team, as part of the European Championship held in Israel. He started in the team’s lineup in the three group stage games, and led the Israeli team to its only victory in the tournament, when he scored a brace in a 0:3 victory against Luxembourg.

Because of all the mess in Beitar it is not clear what will happen, but in Ashdod they will try to make a move on the player.

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