ms dhoni: Breaking: CSK is going to retain these people..Thoni fans are guaranteed a pleasant surprise! – csk decided to retain their long standing captain ms dhoni for the next three ipl seasons says report

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The Chennai Super Kings lost badly in the 13th season of the IPL and missed out on the play-offs for the first time. Following this, captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said in an interview, “I will definitely play next year. We will come back strong. ”

Accordingly, CSK has been playing aggressively since the start of the 14th season of IPL 14 and has been in the top two. Playing aggressively in the play-off round and advancing to the final, they beat Kolkata to win the trophy.

Player Retention:

Following this, new teams from Ahmedabad and Lucknow will be added from next year and a total of 10 teams will participate in the IPL. With the addition of two new teams, a mega auction will take place before the 15th season to select players for those teams. Thus, the BCCI recently officially announced that a team can retain 3 domestic players + one foreign player or two domestic and foreign players each.

Dhoni Retention:

In this situation, the owner of the Chennai Super Kings team Kasi Viswanathan had announced that the team will retain Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the first player.

Currently, a popular English media outlet has reported that “Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is sure to last for the next three years. Before the mega auction, Ravindra Jadeja and Rudraj Kejriwal will be retained. Foreign players like Moin Ali or Sam Karan are likely to be retained. Reported.

Following this, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s name has been trending on the internet by his fans.

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