MS Vereniging Nederland promotes the emancipation of people with MS in society

MS Vereniging Nederland is the only interest group in the Netherlands for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their loved ones. We stand up for the interests of our 8,500 members and promote the emancipation and full participation of people with MS in society.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system. This system consists of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. It is striking that MS occurs more often in colder countries than in warmer countries. You could say: the further from the equator you live, the greater the risk of MS. In our country, approximately 34,000 people have MS. It is striking that women are more likely to get MS than men. The first symptoms often appear between the ages of 15 and 50. MS Vereniging Nederland is always ‘close by’. We bring people with MS and those directly involved together to share knowledge and experiences. And provide information about the disease and living with MS so that people can make choices to keep control of their own life.

Our regional working groups organize regular meetings. You can also get in touch with others with MS online on the MSweb forum. The regional working groups organize activities at a collective level, for example: information, contact and theme meetings; discussion groups; own website of the working groups. Activities at an individual level, for example: telephone contacts; home visits. If you are interested in doing something for our association in this region, please contact us. This can be done by sending an email to [email protected]


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