MSI x Tyson Yoshi|Purchase designated models and have the opportunity to receive concert tickets and limited-edition gifts

MSI x Tyson Yoshi|Tyson Yoshi, who will hold his first solo concert, has one more way for fans to fly. As long as you buy a designated MSI laptop, you will have the opportunity to redeem it for free Designated day $880 2 tickets! From now on, you can go to the “MY NEW WORLD ORDER” art exhibition in Times Square to see Tyson’s private space using the Stealth 15M to create music.

From July 6 to July 31, 2022, at selected stores (store address link) Purchase a designated MSI computer model, register at the MSI Member Center, register at the designated gift redemption registration website with the receipt, and fill in the relevant information to redeem a free MSI X Tyson Yoshi gift. (Quantity is limited, first come first served, while stocks last.)

Free gift redemption:

1. Tyson Yoshi 2022 concert designated date HK$880 tickets*2 pieces (total value HK$1,760) – 25 in total

2. MSI x Tyson Yoshi autographed mouse pad x 1 (not for sale) – 75 in total

MSI designated computer model:

-Raider GE77HX 12UHS、Raider GE76 12UHS 、Raider GE67HX 12UGS 、Raider GE66 12UGS

-Stealth GS77 12UHS 、 Stealth GS66 12UHS 、 Stealth GS77 12UGS 、 Stealth GS66 12UGS

-Creator Z17 A12UHST, Creator Z16P B12UGST, Creator Z16 Fujiwara Hiroshi Joint Limited Edition

-Summit E13 Flip EVO A12MT 、 Summit E16 Flip EVO A12MT 、 Summit E14 Flip EVO A12MT 、 Summit E16 Flip A12UDT

Please see the link below for how to participate:


Local singer-songwriter Tyson Yoshi, who is about to hold his first solo concert in August, will hold a one-month “MY NEW WORLD ORDER” art exhibition and POP-UP STORE in Times Square from now until July 15. The public shares his creative inspiration and favorite collectibles. The venue restores TYSON’s personal space for music and artistic creation on weekdays, including TYSON’s computer MSI – Stealth 15M for music creation.

In the process of creating music, the most important thing is to capture the fleeting musical inspiration at any time. The thin and light Stealth 15M is equipped with the latest high-standard processor and independent graphics card in a slim body, and with a powerful heat dissipation design, the work of editing music can be performed anytime and anywhere, and TYSON’s excellent creation becomes more impeccable!

The Stealth 15M has a slim design. neat. Stylish, made of all-aluminum metal body. The highly textured black body design coincides with TYSON’s cold and unruly appearance, integrating urban style and street fashion. Turn on the computer, you will see the Stealth 15M colorful spectrum gaming keyboard, just like Tyson Yoshi has a very cute personality, he is very playful in private, and often has a lot of ideas.

At the same time, the Stealth 15M is the lightest and thinnest 15-inch gaming laptop, so that Tyson, who loves gaming, can take it with him anywhere, enjoy games anytime, anywhere, play game masterpieces or use it for work.


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