Mückstein optimistic: “We are now European vaccination champions”

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With 14,042 new corona infections, the highest Sunday value was recorded. In line with this, the fourth lockdown will come into force on Monday. “It is now the only way to lower the numbers with a lockdown, with a mallet, “said Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) on Sunday evening ZiB2. He didn’t want to talk about the previous week’s political hiccups: “We’re all pulling together here. The federal ministers, the federal states, the largest opposition party.” The SPÖ has also approved the lockdwon in the main committee, along with the ÖVP and the Greens.

How did it come to this at all? They did not manage to bring the vaccination quota to an appropriate level together, said Mückstein. But one has also learned a lot for this, for example: The delta variant is more contagious, the antibody count drops faster.

We have taken a whole series of measures that are already having an effect, “said Mückstein. He meant bringing levels three and four forward in the step-by-step plan, 3-G at work and the 2-G rule in leisure time.” These measures show already effects, “said Mückstein.” We will achieve a very high rate of vaccination with the fact that 70,000 to 80,000 people are vaccinated every day. We are now European vaccination champions. “

Austria wants to be the first EU country to introduce compulsory vaccinations at the beginning of February. Mückstein didn’t give any new details on Sunday either and justified the serious step as follows: “Now we need a perspective. We have to prevent us from having a fifth or sixth wave. We will only end this pandemic until everyone is vaccinated or all of them got.” But the latter can no longer be afforded socially.

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