Muki on his son’s bar mitzvah: “Blessed are we who have been freed from this punishment”

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Today (Thursday) the son of Muki Celebrating a bar mitzvah, and the singer shared his feelings in a particularly moving post.

Singer in tefillin

“Blessed are we who have been freed from this punishment,” he began, “I have been privileged today to bring up to the Torah my child-magic, Xia, Xi-ya, the gift of our God.”

About the event itself, he said: “We were excited and happy and drank some wine in the morning and candies in the air.”

He concluded with wishes for his son: “Love you my prince, blessing on your head and joy in your heart and great pride for your parents who are torn about you.”

It’s always fun for us to see our great singers connected to Judaism and tradition, and congratulations to Shia the Prince!

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