MultiVersus: Release Date Revealed For First Season Of The Game | 4Gamers Thailand

MultiVersus: Release Date Revealed For First Season Of The Game | 4Gamers Thailand

Sunday, August 14, 2022, 18 o’clock, 05 minutes, 45 seconds, Indochina time

MultiVersus A platform fighting game that brings various characters of Warner Bros. Let’s compete with each other It has proven to be incredibly popular since entering the range. Open Beta for the first time, and some people believe MultiVersus With over 10 million players, this game will surely be one of the most popular games of 2022. MultiVersus It’s becoming very popular, but some fans have criticized the game and its developers. Player First Games since the period Alpha of MultiVersus Fans have pointed out Bugs or other problems about certain characters and movements

in Open Beta There are a lot of players complaining about Battle Pass at MultiVersus Currently, however Player First Games reassure fans that this is just Battle Pass before MultiVersus will be able to launch Season first with new costumes and more. MultiVersus have boasted Features Many new things to come in Season 1 It is expected to launch on August 8, 2022, when the launch was initially postponed. without specifying a new date at that time

now MultiVersus has revealed that Season the first of the game and Battle Pass The new release date is August 15, 2022, just a week from the original launch date for Season 1st of MultiVersus and Morty from the cartoon Rick and Morty will join MultiVersus which is part of Season 1 too

But he won’t be able to play until August 23, 2022, a week from launch. Battle Pass There is a lot of content planned for. Season 1 but Player First Games gave a little warning to the fans

“Everything we offer in Season 1 will not be released on the same day.” Tweet from account Twitter official of MultiVersus At this time, it has not been stated what fans will receive from it. Battle Pass new at launch But expect icons, effects. knockoutand costumes for MultiVersus Many will be available and with Player First Games stating that it doesn’t plan to bring everything out at once. We can expect to increase the reward to the level of Battle Pass in time

Many people expect the release. Season first of MultiVersus will come with a patch that will fix the issues players are experiencing in Meta of the current character Because now the characters Bugs Bunny and Finn from Adventure Time has been mentioned a lot on Social Media for the movement of Bugs Bunny with more power than other characters and Finn having Hitbox unbelievably large

MultiVersus available in Open Beta already on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S


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