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Actor and director Parthiban has helped actress Mumtaj with 15 thousand for an urgent need many years ago. Now Mumtaz has surprised Partipan by meeting him in person and returning it. Both have shared this event on their Twitter.

In his post, Parthiban met me through a friend wearing a Mumtaj burdha. “Do I remember how you helped me 23 years ago, when I was in dire need, you gave me 15,000 rupees without asking for anything and expecting nothing. I came to return it now.” I was shocked. I looked at him in amazement when he came back gratefully for a help that was not in my memory storehouse.

“How great and good you are, who has forgotten what is good.” I am building a Taj Mahal as a thank you to Mumtaz, telling at least a dozen people, including my daughter, with a pale face. Posted as

Reply to this post Thank you Mumtaz for your timely help when I was not popular. No matter how good the intention was to return the money, I made the mistake of doing it and forgot about it over time. We always think there is tomorrow but many times tomorrow never comes. God reminded me of this before my day ended. Parthiban sir, you are one of the few decent human beings I have seen in this cinema, a complete human being. May God bless you and your family with good health and wealth.

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