Municipal, the turnout in the ballots collapses: at 19 only 26.7% voted, six points less than the first round (and ten less than in 2016)

The gap already registered at 12 still increases, when the figure was 9.73%, two and a half points less than the 12.18% of two weeks earlier. In Rome 25.28% votes (-4.22%), but the negative record is in Turin: 25%, -4.29% compared to the first round and -14.15% compared to 2016

Theturnout to the polls at ballot of municipal elections in 65 Municipalities including Rome, Turin, Trieste and seven other provincial capitals. At 7 pm only the 26,71%, compared to the 32,57% of the first round: nearly six percentage points less. Therefore, the gap already recorded at 12, when the figure was dated, still increases 9,73%, two and a half points less than 12.18% two weeks earlier. Compared to the 2016 round, however, the decline is nearly ten points: had voted on 36,56%.

To lower the average a lot is the figure of Rome: 25,28%, with the percentage down by 4.22 points compared to the first round at the same time when he had voted on 29,50%. The drop is of 9,63 points, on the other hand, compared to the 2016 municipal ones, when, however, we voted in a single day: then he had voted on 34,91%. The negative record among the cities in the vote, however, is that of Torino, where at 7 pm one in four entitled to vote: the 25% exactly, while in the first round it was the 29,29% (+ 4.29%) and in 2016 the 39,15% (+14,15%).

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