Murder Faenza, Pierluigi Barbieri confesses to having killed Ilenia Fabbri-

Pierluigi Barbieri confessed to killing Ilenia Fabbri last February 6 in the woman’s apartment in Faenza. The 53-year-old, also known as “the gypsy”, admitted this during the underwriting interrogation. The man, born in Cervia (Ravenna) and domiciled for some time in the province of Reggio Emilia, in front of the investigating magistrate Corrado Schiaretti and the prosecutor Angela Scorza, answered all the questions by returning a full admission of the facts. At 2 pm the victim’s ex-husband, the 54-year-old Claudio Nanni, will be questioned: he is accused of being the principal.

The murder

Ilenia Fabbri, 46, was found lifeless just before dawn on Saturday 6 February in her home in Faenza. It was just after six in the morning when police officers from the Faenza police station received a call from a young woman, who turns out to be the victim’s daughter. “Run to via Corbara, they killed my mother, a friend who slept there last night told me.” The girl is with her father, Ilenia’s ex-husband with whom she was supposed to go to Milan to pick up a car. An hour before, the man had gone to via Corbara to pick her up and she had sneaked out so as not to make any noise. At home, as explained later by the girl, the mother and a friend of the same age as their guest remained asleep. It was the friend who had phoned her daughter to warn her of what had happened. «I had woken up», she told the investigators, «because I had heard a great din and Ilenia screaming. It seemed to me he was arguing aloud I don’t know if with someone. Then I went into the kitchen and found her dead ».

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