Murder in Nahariya: a young man was shot to death and two others were moderately injured

An 18-year-old man, a resident of Jadeida-Macher, was shot to death this evening (Wednesday) in a shooting incident on Sderot Zalman Shazar in Nahariya and two others were moderately injured. MDA medics and paramedics who were called to the scene of the incident gave them medical treatment and evacuated them to the Galilee Medical Center . Later, the hospital informed that the death of the young man was determined, while the condition of the two was defined as moderate and stable.

At the same time, family members of the murdered man began to confront the medical staff, some even tried to break into the shock room. Security guards were rushed to the scene and together with policemen repelled the attackers and restored peace to the scene. Following the incident, the police arrested two suspects on suspicion of attacking police officers and security guards at the medical center. Depending on the development of the investigation, the police will decide tomorrow whether to request to extend the detention of the suspects at the Magistrate’s Court in Kiryat.

The Galilee Medical Center stated that during the event, following an attempt to attack security guards and police officers, the staff had to use pepper spray to calm the spirits and restore order. The director of the medical center, Prof. Masad Barhoum: “I take the incident of violence extremely seriously. I would also like to thank the police forces for their important cooperation.”

Police forces arrived at the scene and began investigating the circumstances of the incident. A preliminary investigation shows that while the three of them were in the street, a car passed by and a shot was fired at them. The shooters fled in a car and police forces from the Nahariya station are hunting him. At this point there are no suspects. It is also suspected that this is a conflict between two Arab families in Nahariya, the investigation is in its early stages.

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Emergency medicine medic at MDA Nir Dayi said: “There was a lot of commotion at the place. One injured lay unconscious with a penetrating injury to his body and the other 2 injured were conscious. We gave them primary medical care in the field. The injured person who was unconscious was taken to the hospital in an MDA intensive care vehicle while CPR was being performed when his condition was critical and the 2 injured who were conscious were evacuated in an MDA ambulance while receiving medical treatment as their conditions were serious and light.

The center for the fight against violence and crime in the national committee for the heads of the Arab authorities said: “Another shooting incident that harms a young man from Arab society. This week we received proof that when the police want to, they arrest the murderers on the same day, which is what happened in the case of the murder in the area. When this happens to young people in Arab society the police do nothing. We call on the police to invest all resources in finding the killers.’


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