Murder Lliria | A lawyer is beaten and stabbed to death in his chalet in Llíria

The Valencia Civil Guard has opened one research pTo find out the author or authors of the death, to blows and stabs, of a man, whose body was found on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. in the dining room of his Lliria chalet.

The lifeless body of José, a 56-year-old Spanish lawyerwas found inside the house of an urbanization located between the capital of the region of the Camp del Turia and Marines, where he lived with his parents, an octogenarian couple. The specific causes of death will be announced when the autopsy result. However, reliable sources confirmed that José’s corpse had numerous bruises and also bleeding woundsapparently produced by White weapon. In addition, it seems that the homicide could have occurred in lThe night of San Juan, from June 23 to 24, at a party held at the chalet. Investigators found blood spatter on the walls, broken glass, and signs of violent clashes on the upper and lower floors of the home at the crime scene. The deceased kept a relationship with a woman for 5 months and it is known that the Llíria Local Police found José’s car on Friday afternoon in the Sant Vicent de Llíria park. The parents were traveling in their town of Granada and had not heard from their son since that day, according to various sources.

It was the uncles of the deceased, who are neighbors of José and his parents, who discovered the lifeless body of the man, Saturday around 1 p.m.. Police officers rushed to the scene immediately. Local police of Llíria and also of the Civil Guard, as well as researchers from Armed Group Criminalistics Group to carry out the visual inspection of the place.

On Saturday, the Judicial Commission traveled to the scene and, after an inspection of the body by the coroner, the Investigating Court number 2 of Llíria authorized the removal of the body. He was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valencia where the aforementioned autopsy was carried out. None of the neighbors heard any strange noises or noticed any strange movement in the last few days. In fact, most of them found out about what happened because of the police and judicial deployment on Saturday.


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