Murder or suicide? Mystery of the death of a young woman from Berlin

BerlinNora Feller * died on June 25, 2007. The then 26-year-old Berliner was found dead in her boyfriend’s apartment in Athens. That was 14 years ago and Nora’s parents, Maria and Günter Feller *, have not been able to rest since that day. Greek justice says it was suicide. But the family from Lichtenberg believe that the daughter was murdered by her own partner at the time. In their search for the truth, but above all for justice, they are supported by the well-known profiler Axel Petermann. He has published the results of his research in his latest book, “On behalf of the dead” (Heyne-Verlag).

“The worst thing is this injustice,” says Maria Feller quietly. The petite but very resolute woman accuses the Greek authorities of not properly investigating the death of her daughter. In order to finally get out of “this suicide fate”, as she describes it, she contacted Axel Petermann. He should support her in her life’s work. Because one thing is clear: If the former head of the 1st homicide squad had proven to her that her daughter had committed suicide, “the case would have been settled for her,” she emphasizes. But it is not.



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