Murdered her partner – that’s how she decided to dispose of his body

According to the suspicions and a motive that has yet to be discovered, Vaughn murdered her partner and then asked Havens (33), who turned out to be the partner of the murdered man’s daughter, to help her dispose of the body. Together they dissected the body of the murdered man and left it in the warehouse. The police located Vaughan at a gas station after she was reported at the station, but during the arrest she tried to escape, unsuccessfully.

The police representatives said that this is a very unusual case in relation to the quiet area where it happened. At this time it is expected that Shevhen will be charged with first degree murder and Havens for abuse of her body and tampering with evidence. It appears that the police already knew the couple, as Nayeda had previously been called to their home due to quarrels and noise.

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The case caught the attention of the local media in the US, which interviewed the neighbors of Vaughan and Fellman. The latter said that Vaughan did not look well in the days before her arrest, but not in a way that would cause suspicion. Moreover, they said that she was usually a very nice and quiet woman.


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