Muslim husband forbids wife to eat after she accepts Christ

Muslim husband forbids wife to eat after she accepts Christ

2023-05-31 00:24:54

A woman who abandoned Islam and surrendered to Jesus Christ reported that her Muslim husband beat her and began to deny her food, abandoning her in a wild animal park to die.

The case, recorded in the western region of Ugandawas recently denounced by the pastor of the church the woman had been secretly attending for less than two years, and became the subject of the international Christian press.

Sharifa Muhando, 27, from Kasese town, said her husband, Musa Bwambale, beat her and prevented her from eating for a week after learning that she had put her faith in Christ. She explained that she kept her July 2021 conversion a secret from her husband out of fear of his reaction.

On the last May 10th, she prayed in her room, read the Bible and fell asleep. “Unfortunately, I left the door open. My husband came back from work and called me, and I didn’t pick up because I was fast asleep. He opened the door and found me with my Bible and notebook on my chest. He shouted: ‘Allah Akbar [Alá é maior]’”, contou Sharifa.

The account, made from the hospital bed, is quite tense: “I was terrified after seeing him; he asked me what the problem was. I replied that this is a holy book. He got angry and hit me that night and told me that he was punishing me for leaving Islam and that he would be automatically rewarded on Jannah [paraíso] by Allah”.

According to information from the portal The Christian Postthe Muslim husband prevented her from eating and started to threaten her with death if she told him she was being kept hungry.

On the 17th, Bwambale took her to an environmental reserve: “My husband said he received a dream from Allah to take me somewhere. He took me in his vehicle and threw me into Queen Elizabeth National Park to be eaten by wild animals.”


After being dropped off at the nature reserve – which is bisected by a road – Sharifa was spotted by the pastor of the church she had been secretly attending since her conversion.

Faced with the woman’s health condition, the pastor called other people to help him, and they took her to a clinic: “Sharifa’s health was in a terrible state. She received treatment while suffering from injuries – her spleen was especially affected as her husband hit her with a sharp object, and she has pain in her neck. Doctors are also treating her for hunger and trauma-related symptoms.”

The pastor – whose identity is being withheld for security reasons – prepared to report the crime, only to learn that her Muslim husband died in a traffic accident. “Right now, Sharifa needs prayers for a speedy healing and recovery from the trauma and for her future life.”

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