Time.news – Enrico Letta insists on dowry for 18-year-olds to be financed with the levy on inheritance taxes exceeding 5 million. “This speech – said the secretary of the Democratic Party to ‘Che Tempo che Fa’ – deve to enter into a more comprehensive tax reform, we talked about this with Draghi. We are there, we want to do it, but within this it seemed important to me to give a signal “.

Presenting his book, Letta explained that it is dedicated to the young people he met in the last six years. “I started with the phrase they repeated to me: give me a reason to go back to Italy. Then I told myself that this is not good, I told myself that our country must become attractive again for young people, because now it is not a country for young people. I said to myself: I want to do everything possible so that Italy returns to being an attractive country for young people “.

“Whoever is watching us at this moment, perhaps, is not very young. Many people who have done so much in their lives. I say to these people: think of your son, of your grandson. This country is literally kicking young people in the ass, as is shown by the reactions to this proposal. But I don’t give up, “he added.

“I don’t want to cause problems for Draghi – Letta then affirmed – If Salvini is right, we will make all the reforms that are needed because they are the reforms that are needed by the country “.

On the electoral law, Letta argued that it must say enough to blocked lists: “The territories will decide who to send the Parliament. If we manage with the other parties to adjust the electoral law, we will give the citizen the possibility to choose, because this is unbearable”.

Finally, on the leaders of the center-right he concluded: “Salvini and Meloni in Europe are allied with the right-most right: these polls mean that for some years 40% of voters have voted for the right. Meloni is skilled and is fighting very skillfully. Salvini made a bet to stay in government and oppose, but he is less credible “.


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