Mutual funds raised NIS 2.9 billion in November; Total money: 391 billion

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The total funds managed in the mutual fund industry in the wave in November were about NIS 3.5 billion, from NIS 387.8 billion to NIS 391.3 billion, an increase of about 0.9% when almost all the increase was due to fundraising and not a return, according to Sean Ashkenazi, director of relations Consultants, in the best lapel.

Radiations Traditional activism Raised about NIS 1.8 billion.
In the passive industry There was a nice recovery when the imitators raised about NIS 1.1 billion and the mutual funds returned to raise about NIS 0.5 billion.
The most significant recruitment In the active industry Continues to be a possession General bond funds, With the continuation of the trend of diversifying fundraising also in the direction of funds that specialize in equities in Israel, funds that specialize in equities abroad, corporate and conversion bond funds and government bond funds.

November in the financial markets:
November was marked by a mixed trend in everything related to the stock markets in Israel and the United States.
Overseas stock markets ended the month with declines: theS&P 500 Fell by 0.8% and the Nasdaq index rose by 0.3%. The German Dax index fell by 3.8%, the Japanese Nikkei index also fell by a similar rate of 3.5%.
The Israeli stock market ends November with moderate price increases, with the Tel Aviv 35 Index up 0.7% and the Tel Aviv 125 Index up 1.4%.
Corporate bonds conducted in a negative trend. Tel Bond indices 20,40,60 decreased by 0.3% to 0.5%. The general corporate bond index rose by 0.2%. The general government bond index rose by 1.7%.

Divided into categories:

The largest category in its assets, by a considerable margin, from the other investment categories – General bond category Continues to be the leader in recruitment as well. The money continues to flow into the mixed funds in which there is usually a combination of different and not high rates of shares along with corporate and government bonds. In November, this group raised a similar fundraiser to October in the amount of NIS 1.3 billion.

Specialized funds In government bonds With a handsome fundraising of about NIS 360 million.
Specialized funds In corporate bonds They also continue to raise very handsome sums in all types of funds, this month amounted to about NIS 340 million.
Radiations Specializing in stocks This month, NIS 150 million is being raised, which is happening under the leadership of funds that specialize in equities In Israel Who raised about NIS 310 million. Also the screenings Flexibility Recorded a raising of about NIS 30 million. In contrast, specialized funds In overseas stocks Reducing the NIS 190 million redemption trend this month.
Another traditional group that continues to suffer from spending outflows in November, is a group of funds Overseas Bonds With an exit of about NIS 370 million.

The financial funds
Against the background of the zero interest rate, the massive outflow of funds from the mutual funds continues, which this month amounted to a revenue of about NIS 500 million.
About 60% came from the shekel funds and about 40% from the dollar funds.

Passive industry – mutual funds and imitation funds

Unlike previous months characterized by redemptions due to regulatory constraints, November saw a handsome recruitment In the basket funds Of about NIS 0.5 billion.
Radiations The imitators Continue to raise at a similar rate and this month raised about 1.1 billion.
The most recruiting category was that of Shares in Israel, With a handsome fundraising of about NIS 730 million. Unlike October in it Basket funds Redeemed in this category, this month they contributed about NIS 380 million to this fundraising, when in funds The imitators Another month of handsome fundraising was recorded in the NIS 350 million category.
In the category of Overseas shares There was also an impressive fundraising of about NIS 400 million in the funds The imitators. Compared to last month’s redemption, the basket funds raised NIS 190 million, which brought the category to NIS 590 million.

The category of Membership and conversion Raised a handsome sum of about NIS 480 million. Funds The basket Contributed to raising NIS 130 million in the category. Radiations The imitators With a raising of about NIS 350 million, a significant increase in the entry of funds into this category compared to previous months.

Type of radiation Entry and exit of funds in the fund industry *
November 2021
Traditional activism 1,800
Financial activity 500-
Total activity 1’300
Imitations 1,060
ETFs 500
Total passivity 1,560
Total industry 2,860

* In millions of shekels.

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