World Women’s Boxing Champion Nikhat Sareen reacts to hijab controversy Nikhat Sareen opined that the dress code is a personal decision and no one else has the right to interfere in it. In an interview with NDTV, Nikhat Sareen made his position clear.

“You can decide what you want to wear, it is entirely a personal decision. I have no right to comment there. I have my own choice. I like to wear hijab and other clothes. My family doesn’t mind because I wear other clothes. ” – Nikhat Sareen said.

“I do not care what people say. Those who want to wear hijab and follow religion can live like that. It is their personal decision. I do not care if they wear hijab or not. ” – Nikhat Sareen added. The headscarf controversy erupted when some right-wing groups in Karnataka opposed girls wearing hijabs to classes and the government banned such clothing in schools.

Story Highlights: On Hijab Row, Boxing Champ Nikhat Zareen’s Pro-Choice Strike

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