My dear brother reveals: my uncle died in front of my eyes

Sharon Benifosi (Photo Network 13)

Sharon Benifosi, the only resident of the Big Brother house in Israel and in the world who entered the Big Brother house 2022 as a surprise, when he was taken in the middle of a performance straight to the program on Network 13, was the fifth evicted in the current season of the program, after 38 days in a closed house.

Sharon was introduced to the season as a surprise during a live performance by Shimon Buskila at Shoni Binyamina – at the Big Brother House, one of the most exciting moments in all the seasons of Big Brother. Sharon talks about the feeling of being missed and missing out while he was in the home, feeling that he was not able to express himself enough.

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The surprising tenant entered a house where tenants had already integrated and formed friendships, it wasn’t easy for him, and especially when he had to hand over the 5 tenants he was putting up for eviction, there is no doubt that it created a not-so-pleasant reception for him.

Beniposi these days is working on a new show of his own, and does not give up his desire to succeed in the field of acting. After attending a summer prep school at Yoram Levinstein’s acting school, he realized that this is what he does best. In a short time, he started playing roles in television series: He participated in the second season of Tag. D. Season 2 in the series Malchut Bhut, the lunar years Aviv Gefen, the 90s in the last season.

Benifosi says: “I know what my abilities are and who I am, I see this period as an opening shot and it is a start for me to advance my career and my talent in acting and stand-up. I aspire to be the next Shlomi Koriat, a very talented guy who enjoys seeing his way, and knows that there is I have the talent and ambition to succeed.”

Will he go to another reality show? “I don’t rule it out at all, it could be that Golstar can match my personality. Right now I’m at a stage where I’m open-minded, enjoying the fame around me, people showering me with love, it’s amazing. A relationship? When the right one comes along for me, she’ll only win, I promise.”

The reasons for entering the Big Brother house: “I saw my uncle die in front of my eyes, and here I knew that life is short and there is no room for hesitation, he was an important figure in my life and I feel that he gave me the strength to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. The house is not an easy place, but I’m glad I made it to represent them and prove that it is possible to go far.”

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