“My goal is to save the planet”: what is known about a Petersburg woman who tried to get rid of her son through social networks

Mathematics teacher Victoria published a post on social networks, which caused a storm of indignation among residents of St. Petersburg and not only. In it, she, using a cynical tone, described the “advantages” of her baby, thus trying to “attach” him to another family. On her VKontakte page, the 33-year-old mother spoke in detail about her life, activities and hobbies.

Victoria positions herself as “a revolutionary math tutor who breaks the rotten education system.” One of its goals is “to open an international network of schools that teach not only count and write, but also self-congratulate.” But at the same time, there is no information about the girl’s education. Moreover, she herself writes on her page that “in 2010 I left the university”.

Later there was an attempt to return to education, which had nothing to do with the pedagogical sphere, but it ended in nothing. The girl explained her decision as follows: “In the end, by the way, I found the money for the university, but I didn’t follow the path of hiring. I realized that I myself am a boss by nature. ” Instead of a diploma, she offers to show her “birth chart”.

“When I solve college students’ tests, I use a special program. Even I am a mathematician – I myself do not calculate. I just enter everything into the program and the solution with the text is issued “, – Victoria admits in one of her videos, which is called “Manifesto for Thinking Parents of Schoolchildren.”

In addition to tutoring, the St. Petersburg woman is actively involved in information business. The girl proudly notes that she is a student of Ayaz Shabutdinov, an information businessman, whose activity raises a lot of questions from financially literate people.

So, she leads a group on VKontakte, where she positions herself as the creator of the MNEMO Mathematics online school. Regularly seeks personal assistants there, to whom he promises “bombastic knowledge of business and marketing” and growth “in his company.” There are now 214 people in this community.



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