“My heart is broken, in a drop of tension”

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Noga Erez announced that her big performance at Menora Hall, which is scheduled for the beginning of next month, is currently postponed to April. The singer explained on Instagram that following the current wave, at any moment another staff member goes into isolation or is infected with the virus (including the fans) and they prefer to wait for this wave to pass for “that we can all really enjoy together”

“Hello my Stiz, unfortunately we have to postpone the show at Menorah,” she wrote in a message on her Instagram account, “The show we prepared for you will feature 50 dancers, 20 musicians and at least 100 staff members. We all work hard to give you the most invested show, “Someone on the team went into solitary confinement or kidnapped Omikronosh (including you in the Sties).”

Erez explained that it is very difficult to operate a show like this and put on a show that deserves the audience: “Every moment we have to change, change, compromise. This is not how we want to do it. We decided to take a moment and let this wave pass, and hold this show when everything calms down together”.

“The new date will be April 2. Write in the diaries. We are already waiting impatiently. Love a lot,” she added, clarifying that “all tickets purchased are valid for the new date. The Tel Aviv box office will be at your disposal for any questions and if the new date does not work for you.”

After the official announcement, Erez added in another story: “In a more personal tone, I was a little heartbroken. It was all a performance and overall repulsive, but I still let myself be hyped because I saw how things would be rooted and heard and felt and I was so expectant and excited. “Probably, and I have nothing to do but convince Etz Etzach that this is how Canara is doing, that we will do it better than I imagined.”

“There was some apprehension that we were traveling and something we built here would fall apart a bit,” she said in a recent interview with News 12. “There were moments I would travel there in the crazy spaces of the United States and just think, hey, I wonder if anyone remembers me at home. In the country. And then we did this extreme thing – and we went to a show with 7,000 tickets. “

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