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The American director presents «JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass». A new rereading on the killing of the US president, in the light of new declassified documents

“Merci à la France”. Grateful and moved Oliver Stone thus responds to the standing ovation that the audience of the Debussy room reserves for him, after the one just as affectionate as that of Cinema è plage. Thirty years after one of his most controversial films, JFK, on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, nominated for eight Oscars, of which he won two, grossed 200 million dollars, the director, 74, returns to the subject, which, he is fervent, cannot be ignored for the understanding of the present, not just the past (“We can’t forget that murder, it changed history”).

The many questions about Jfk

Presents out of competition JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass. A new rereading of those facts, in the light of new declassified documents. “When it came out in Hollywood they considered me a conspiracy theorist,” he likes to remember. “That movie caused a sensation. I had no idea it would have that impact. The American press ignored these texts. If you have four hours of time, you can immerse yourself in it. ” The version presented here at the festival lasts two. It still does not have a US distribution. “Frémaux is brave,” underlines Stone. More than new truths, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass raises many questions, for example on the autopsy of the assassinated president, on the alleged links of Lee Oswald with the CIA. What Stone is now certain of, after dedicating decades to the subject, is why Kennedy was eliminated. “We show that he was about to order the withdrawal from Vietnam – said the director of Platoon, Nixon, Wall Street -, he was thinking of a policy of detente with Cuba and also with Russia. For this he was eliminated ». His latest fiction film is Snowden of 2016. «It is not easy for me to find funding in my country. Easier in Europe ». Upcoming projects? “I am working on the topic of clean energy, it is very close to my heart”.

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