‘My most familiar face as a child, my father’s best friend’

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BFilm actor Manoj K Jayan pays homage to Chu Thirumala. Manoj remembers that the face of his father’s best friend Bichu Thirumala was the most familiar face to him in his childhood. In the note, Manoj recalls that the legendary lyricist was brought into Malayalam cinema by his father, a musician, and his younger brother.

Manoj K Jayan’s Facebook post

Prostration to the bitch eight

All the Malayalam movie songs written are just hits, my most familiar face as a child. My father’s best friend, my father and little brother (Jayavijaya) brought this legendary Malayalam lyricist to Malayalam cinema with their hands, with sincerity and pride. That image was never released. Later on, they came together as a team and sang a handful of good songs … ‘

The starlight shines, and the “Temple of the Heart” are just some of them. . Endless hits when written. We, the Malayalees, will always remember you with all our love and respect through these beautiful songs that are immortal. Tributes … Prostration


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