‘My wife used to beat me and pin me against the wall’; Ram Gopal Verma

‘My wife used to beat me and pin me against the wall’;  Ram Gopal Verma

Mumbai: Director Ram Gopal Varma has revealed the reason for the separation of the marriage. Ram Gopal Varma said that his wife used to beat him and put him against the wall.

It is reported that the actor’s wife Ratna was getting a divorce because she could not understand the character of Ram Gopal Varma. Both have a daughter.

There was always a fight between Ratna and Ram Gopal Varma. His wife Ratna used to fight several times as she could not agree with the director’s actions. Ram Gopal Varma, who was silent on some occasions, used to leave the house at times.

One day, after such a fight, Verma went out and did not come home for a few days. Even the family members were not informed of their whereabouts.

One day, Ratna stopped Ram Gopal Varma who came back suddenly, but when she saw Varma who was silent as usual, Ratna could not control her anger. Ram Gopal Verma revealed that in anger, his wife grabbed the collar of Ram Gopal Verma’s shirt, interrogated him, beat him, pinned him against the wall and beat him. Ram Gopal Varma said that his father also saw this.


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