My workshop on infoxication and how to be well informed on health issues (with practical class)

My workshop on infoxication and how to be well informed on health issues (with practical class)

2023-05-26 13:19:27

I want to tell you a NEW PROJECT that I have. Is something unprecedentedI have never done it and exclusive, it is only for those who attend live, by videoconference or see it deferred (previous payment). It is a workshop The information in health. Theory and practice, In collaboration with Ecocentro from Madrid.

I will give it on June 17, Saturday, between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Yes, it will take three hours to explain how the infoxication -information poisoning- in the field of health: How different agents, lobbies and institutions corrupt everything that surrounds your health and what to do to overcome their information manipulation.

It is a theoretical course and PRACTICAL to learn to be well informed, which is the main tool to protect your health. The place: Ecosofía Room, Ecocentro. C / Esquilache, 2-12, Madrid.

The modality, as I tell you, is in person (30 euros), online (30 euros) and deferred (18 euros). In all cases, a dossier with all the material which is discussed in the workshop.

The idea arises because to be able to choose in health it is necessary to have all the information. But we don’t have it because it is generally withheld or misrepresented by the multiple powers of this area.

He misinformation status in which we are immersed is insane and I have proposed as a journalist to teach people to be well informed.

Therefore, I insist that there are two parts:

-The first theoretical in which I will tell how we have reached this situation of enormous information dependence on the powers.

-The second practice in which I will teach how information is sought, the different types of information sources, how to verify and contrast information and all this with concrete examples.

I leave you here below the poster and the structure of the meeting:

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