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When Michael Jackson died tragically and unexpectedly in mid-2009, the music world stopped spinning for a moment. The death of the pop icon ended an incomparable career. But Michael Jackson was more than just the “King of Pop”. He was an artist, lyricist and family man. The novel platform illuminates the many facets of Jackson and takes fans on a unique journey.

Michael Jackson moved many people all over the world. Even after his death, MJ is considered one of the most important musicians of the 20th century.

A Digital Monument to Honor the King of Pop is a digital project developed by international musicologists and technology experts. In the process, the experts first learned everything about Michael Jackson, his life and his artistic work before launching the app and website. The aim was to be as detailed, accurate and correct as possible and to include only real content in the project.

Now is both an app and a website. In the app, users have the opportunity to watch short videos on different topics. To do this, they choose from different categories that present MJ as an entrepreneur, person, artist, musician and much more. This makes it possible to see and understand the different facets of the exceptional artist. There are also other functions and content on the website. Fans can watch videos of their idol on the big screen and follow Michael Jackson’s life up close. Has No Intention to Make a Profit

To view all content on, users need a premium account. This costs $20 a year and covers the costs of developing the app further and adding new content. Beyond that, the operators of the project have no intention to make a profit. Everything that remains after deducting the costs goes to a specifically established foundation, the MyIdol Foundation.

This foundation is independent of the MJ Estate and aims to give children all over the world access to education and equal opportunities. Michael Jackson was rightly considered a philanthropist who has always been committed to helping people and especially children. Giving all children in the world the same opportunities was an important goal in MJ’s life. The foundation, which can be found at MyIdol.Foundation, pursues this life goal.

Currently, the foundation is already building new schools for disadvantaged children and young people, giving them access to good education for the first time. For MJ and, good education is an important cornerstone for leading an inspired, creative life. For this reason alone, it is important to the creators behind the platform to run the foundation.

Unpublished Material is the Centerpiece of the Platform

A special part of is unpublished art that the public has never seen before. This material shows Michael Jackson from a new side and opens an insight into his emotions and thoughts. The “Spiritual Journey” is one of the most significant pieces in the collection. It is a previously unreleased tape that Michael Jackson recorded in the early 2000s. Musicologists call “Spiritual Journey” a “unique and living piece of art”.

Michael Jackson was one of the close friends of Roy Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher, better known as “Siegfried and Roy”. The magician duo delighted millions of fans with their shows in Nevada. The special feature: white tigers were part of the show. In October 2003, Roy Horn was attacked by one of his tigers and critically injured, which put him in a coma as a result. At that time, MJ recorded “Spiritual Journey” for Horn. The emotions that accompany this audio recording are unparalleled.

“The Story” Takes Fans on an Unprecedented Journey

Exceptional 3D technology allows fans to get up close and personal with their idol once again. “The Story” is a documentary that will be released in several seasons as we know it from Netflix shows. Every month, fans can watch new videos about the life of Michael Jackson and experience their idol once again as if he had never died.

Fans Can Be Part of the Digital Heritage Themselves

Even beyond that, it is possible for fans to be part of The digital monument is supported by fans’ contributions. Via an online form on the website, they send their fanart to After a prior review, the creators publish as much fan artwork as possible. This is to give fans the opportunity to show their view of Michael Jackson.

MJ himself was a big fan of art made by his fans. At every public appearance he received fanart, which he always kept. On, fans can now submit videos, pictures, drawings, collages, audio recordings or texts and capture them for posterity. Preserving fanart in digital form is an easy way to have the digital legacy populated by many people. At the same time, always remains respectful and positive.


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