Mylène Farmer, the idol singer in France who is inspired by Alberoni-

In Italy his name says nothing. But in France an idol: a little Raffaella Carr (as adored by the Lgbtq + community), a little Mina (because of her reluctance), a little Fiorella Mannoia (for her fiery red hair). Sex, death and religion: the lyrics of his songs go fishing in our depths, in ancestral archetypes, the references are high: writers such as Baudelaire and Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf, but also – surprise – Francesco Alberoni (l ‘album Falling in love is inspired by one of his novels). Mylne Farmer, 59, one of the members of the Festival jury: greeted by a great star’s roar, only second place was expected to be applauded by the others. Singular and mysterious character, the only woman to have performed at the Stade de France, the French singer who has sold more records since the 80s onwards (30 million). A cult that can turn into an obsession: in 1991 a fan shot to death at the receptionist of his record company because he refused to give him the address of his idol. It was around this time that Mylne Farmer distanced herself from her public persona and became more and more discreet.

Amazon dedicated a documentary to her in which she revealed something more about herself, a life devoured by the fear of abandonment: I remember a recurring nightmare. I arrive on stage and the hall is empty. The visceral fear of abandonment has existed in me since childhood. In the era in which everyone with social networks stages the reality of himself, she makes absence her presence: For me, confidentiality is not a question of shyness or protection, I do not cultivate it. As far as I can remember, I have always considered privacy as my sanctuary. I never imagined that, in today’s ultra-connected world, secrecy would become one of the last places of freedom. it has become a necessity, a living space. Its a transversal success: I believe I share with my audience a taste for difference, for uniqueness. Like all these people, I feel the extreme difficulty of living who we are. You have to fight hard to survive in uniformity. a complex blend of resilience and revolt. Disillusioned, if not pessimistic, she cultivates the flowers of evil: I think today there is a very real and painful disenchantment. I have the impression that the more years pass, the more this world no longer offers us the possible hope of a re-enchantment.

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