N.D.: Spirtzis speech lasted 107 minutes and did not contain a single “apology”

N.D.: Spirtzis speech lasted 107 minutes and did not contain a single “apology”

“SYRIZA can no longer hide”, states in a statement New Democracy on the occasion of his presence Chr. Spirtzis in the Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliamentwhile emphasizing categorically that “the government has never hid and is not going to do so”.

“Without a trace of self-criticism or sensitivity, the former minister and SYRIZA MP Christos Spirtzis appeared before the Parliament’s Institutions and Transparency Committee to defend himself and shake off his political responsibilities, as well as the responsibilities of the SYRIZA-ANEL government”, ND emphasizes in its announcement. and adds: “Although he spoke for more than 107 minutes in total, he did not address a single ‘sorry’ to the families of the victims of the tragedy, but remained sadly attached to the line of Alexis Tsipras that ‘everything is the fault of others.’ Of primary importance for the SYRIZA-ANEL governance minister was to denounce that… he was targeted, as, as soon as he took the floor, he was quick to talk about “blame-diffusion methods”, “deplorable publications” and a barrage of posts on the internet about him”.

N.D. accused Chr. Spirtzis for cynicism, while noting that his speech was “full of contradictions”.

“In a cynical way and in a speech full of contradictions and non-existent facts and figures he stated that the responsibilities for the tragic accident are personal. He called the 717 contract “very bad”, but he did not explain why he was the one who gave 6 extensions to this allegedly “bad contract”, while he had no convincing answer to the crucial question “why he did not take into account the observations of the auditors, if and had the conclusion of the EDL from 2018″ and, finally, he admitted that the supplementary contract was signed in May 2021”, reports the N.D.

He pointed out that “SYRIZA can no longer hide” and emphasized that the documents presented by the government to the Parliament’s Institutions and Transparency Committee “are incontrovertible and prove that there were all the necessary safeguards, so that the accident in Tempi would not happen”.

At the same time – N.D. points out – all the fictions of the official opposition, which insists on setting up communication shows hoping for petty political benefits from an unimaginable tragedy that has shaken us all, were destroyed with evidence and evidence.

“The Minister of State, George Gerapetritis, submitted to the Commission an official OSE document proving that the local remote control station was operated on the day of the tragic accident by all station masters, in accordance with the OSE circular, and the only time that was not misused, but was done manually, was on his shift inappropriate station master”, emphasizes N.D.

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