N12 – Bennett blocked the bereaved father on Twitter

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is once again sharply criticized for his treatment of the entire family. After making a mistake in the name of the late Barel Hadaria Shmueli, Bennett now blocked Herzl Hajaj, the father of Lt. Shir Hajaj, who was killed in a terrorist attack at the Commissioner’s Palace in 2017, on his Twitter account.

“I was also blocked by the terrorist prime minister, Naftali Bennett,” Herzl Hajaj tweeted. “Bennett knew how to ask us to support him in the election and now he is unable to deal with my criticism of the formation of his government with RAAM, the supporters of the terrorists; With the truth inside. “Now Bennett can continue to embrace Abbas, a supporter of the terrorists, quietly and without criticism, without reminding him of the truth.”

Half an hour passed before Bennett released the blockade from the bereaved father’s account, but that did not stop members of the opposition from launching a joint attack. “The Israeli prime minister cannot block a bereaved parent. I also blocked Naftali. You are welcome to join,” tweeted MK Galit Distel Atbrian. Her former party member, Osnat Mark, also blocked Bennett and tweeted: “Come on bye.” Likud member Ofir Katz also joined in and wrote: “Their words (the bereaved families) are much more important than yours (Bennett).”

“Bennett is blocking criticism from bereaved parents. That’s my answer. Feel free to join.” The chairman of Religious Zionism, Bezalel Smutrich, tweeted. Amichai Shikli, a member of Bennett’s faction, supported Smutrich and responded: “Bezalel, my friend, you did well. Joins. Bereaved parents are not blocked, certainly not those who helped you be appointed prime minister. “Shikli blocked Bennett as well.

Prime Minister Bennett stated: “The block was made in good faith. Once the social team realized this, the block was removed.”

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