N12 – First publication: a breach that made it possible to issue a green label

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The glitch and the embarrassment: An announcement circulated yesterday (Tuesday) in many groups revealed a loophole on the Ministry of Health website that allows the issuance of a green card to everyone – even without vaccinated and recovering people who are not entitled to a certificate at all. Before the loophole closed, quite a few people took the opportunity.

The event began following a message circulated on social media and WhatsApp groups of hundreds of people, which stated that there was a glitch on the site and anyone could receive a green sign valid for 6 months. The authors of the message also detailed the steps for removing the character.

Indeed – there were those who tried and succeeded even though they were not eligible for a certificate. They entered their personal details and received the green note. After several hours, the Ministry of Health rushed to repair and close the loophole.

The Corona virus’ information headquarters responded: “With the approval of the tourism outline at the beginning of the month, it was decided to allow Israelis who have been ill or vaccinated abroad in the past to issue a green card that is valid for one month only, until they register with the HMO. “In light of the large number of cases of abuse while committing a criminal act for the purpose of forging a ‘green mark’, this possibility of issuance will be canceled.”

They added: “Israelis who have been ill or vaccinated abroad in the past will no longer be able to leave isolation or receive a green card, only after settling the issue of registration with the HMO or the Kol Kol Health Center (recovering and vaccinated abroad without a HMO only).”

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