N12 – Israel’s next steps after the operation

About 24 hours after the ceasefire came into effect and the demonstration of restraint by Hamas, the government’s intention is to continue doing good to the residents of Gaza – this was announced last night (Monday) in the “Main Edition”. Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz intend to continue the economic benefits to Gaza and increase the worker quota to 20,000 gradually. Despite the ceasefire, the Islamic Jihad are on alert and threatening because they are ready to resume fighting with the understanding that Israel does not intend to release their prisoners.

There is unanimity in the security establishment and the political echelon that Hamas’ sitting on the fence to the point of being accused of cooperating with Israel is mainly due to the fact that the civilian concessions during the quiet period created deterrence. Therefore, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense intend to continue this policy and dramatically increase the number of workers from Gaza working in Israel up to 20,000. The commander of the Southern Command is ready to go one step further and examine the possibility that tourists from Gaza will fly abroad through Ramon Airport.

In his speech, Prime Minister Lapid addressed the residents of Gaza and said: “We will know how to protect ourselves from anyone who threatens us, but we also know how to give work and livelihood and a life of dignity to everyone who wants to live in peace by our side.” He also linked the civil concessions to the return of the captives and the missing from Gaza to show the dependence between them.

Lapid and Sisi | Adaptation: Reuters/Flash 90

After Egypt’s announcement yesterday that it would work for the release of the Islamic Jihad detainees, the terrorist organization claims that the detainees will be released. Israel has no intention of releasing the detainees and a senior political official clarifies: “You can make efforts, but not all efforts are successful in life. We do not commit to anything.”

Prime Minister Lapid spoke this evening with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. “I had a long conversation this evening with Egyptian President Al-Sisi,” Lapid said. “I thanked the President of Egypt for his strenuous activity to achieve a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and I told him that Egypt has a very significant role in maintaining regional stability and security.”

The President raised the Palestinian issue before Lapid and the Prime Minister emphasized his view that the economic situation of the Palestinians should be strengthened. “We discussed the importance of strengthening and developing normalization between Israel and the countries of the region, and the importance of dialogue for the sake of regional stability,” the Prime Minister noted. “Also, we discussed humanitarian issues important to both countries, and further economic cooperation.”

Harsh criticism in Jihad towards Hamas: “You sold us for a shekel”

A day after the ceasefire, in the last few hours Islamic Jihad distributed leaflets to their people in the Gaza Strip in which they wrote that the terrorist organization is ready to resume fighting with Israel. The reason for the threats is the messages they received in Jihad according to which Israel does not intend to release Bassam al-Saadi, in stark contrast to the impression they received from the Egyptians.

At the same time, Jihad publicly instructs its people to close the mourning pavilions as part of the renewed alertness in the Gaza Strip. It is possible that this is an attempt to convey messages to Egypt and Israel, that is, to pressure them with the “hold me” test.

The members of the Islamic Jihad voice harsh criticism of Hamas in Gaza, the Palestinian Authority and also in the prisons. “You sold us for a shekel for work permits, you betrayed,” attacks the terrorist organization. Jihad also accuses that there is a possibility that Hamas passed the information to Israel on the location of their two senior commanders so that Israel could eliminate them.

“The signals sent by Hamas were picked up in Israel”

In Jerusalem, they think that the end of the operation could be a new point of pressure on Hamas. For now, there are no concrete talks between Israel and the terrorist organization for the return of the captives and the missing, nor is there a new proposal on the agenda. However, the security establishment and the political echelon believe that an opportunity to “speak in other terms” can arise and do not want to miss it.

The understanding is that Hamas has been signaling in recent weeks that it may be willing to flex its terms on the issue of prisoners and missing persons. It is possible that the publication of the documentation of Hisham al-Sayed connected to an oxygen cylinder without any compensation shows the plight of the terrorist organization.

Operation Dawn, the bombing in central Gaza (Photo: Reuters)
Attack in central Gaza during Operation “Dawn” | Photo: Reuters

A political source said this evening that “the fact that Hamas took part in the final mechanism of the last operation and that it has assets that it does not want to lose, that is, the best economic and civil year in the Gaza Strip, allows a lever of pressure on it.”

“Jihad is responsible for killing Palestinian children”

Despite the ceasefire, the UN Security Council gathered this evening to discuss the “Dawn” operation in Gaza. The UN Special Envoy for the Middle East, Tor Vansland, said at the discussion that “the ceasefire is fragile. Any renewal of hostilities will only have devastating consequences for the Palestinians and the Israelis, and any political progress on key issues will be elusive.” He further added that the rounds of fighting will only be stopped through a political solution “that will lead to the end of the occupation and the realization of the two-state solution based on the 1967 lines”.

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas Greenfield stated at the debate: “Islamic Jihad is a terrorist organization supported by Iran – we must not make a mistake. The Palestinian Jihad has caused more suffering for the Palestinians. All countries must condemn the behavior of this organization and no A country cannot tolerate attacks on its citizens. The ambassador also called for the release of the Israeli prisoners and missing persons held in Gaza and emphasized: “Every family deserves to bury their sons.” In addition, she said that the deaths of civilians in the Gaza Strip must be investigated and confirmed that the deaths of four children in the Jabaliya refugee camp He is the result of a failed launch of the Islamic Jihad.

In the debate, Britain condemned the activities of Islamic Jihad, which is responsible for the threat to Israeli and Palestinian citizens, and called for an investigation into the events that led to the deaths of children in Gaza. On the other hand, the representative of China condemned the “Dawn” operation and said that “the recent clashes have caused the death of dozens, the youngest of whom is 5 years old. China condemns the excessive use of force against civilians, and calls for an end to the collective punishment of the residents of Gaza.”

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, said at the debate: “The Islamic Jihad is an extreme terrorist organization financed and trained by Iran and its goal is one – to destroy Israel and establish a Sharia state. Islamic Jihad, ISIS and al-Qaeda all have the same agenda. If this council wants to bring about an improvement in the situation in the Gaza Strip, there must be one outcome for discussion here – harsh condemnation and the imposition of full responsibility for the deaths of Palestinian citizens, including children, by jihad terrorists. Any other result would be a victory for the terrorist organizations.”

Dana Weiss, Yaron Avraham, Ohad Hamo and Amit Waldman participated in the preparation of the news.


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