N12 – Like from a movie: Pushed his partner off the roof

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The Central District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment this morning (Thursday) in the Central District Court against Shaul Karni (32) from the locality of Etz Ephraim, for attempted murder of his spouse and mother. The attempt was made in 2018 and he recently confessed to it while turning himself in to the police.

According to the indictment, filed by Adv. Avital Fink, the defendant and the complainant were a couple who knew Colombia, the complainant’s place of residence, and they have a minor child together. In July 2018, the complainant came to Israel with her daughter to visit the defendant, and the three lived at home. His mother.

One evening the two went up to the roof of the building and had a conversation about their relationship. At one point, while standing near the railing with her back to the defendant, the defendant pushed her off the roof and caused her to fall with the intention of causing her death. As a result of the fall, the complainant was seriously injured and suffered multiple injuries for which she had to undergo four surgeries, while to this day she suffers from mental and physical difficulties.

About a month after the incident in order to locate the complainant and kill her, the defendant staged a car accident following which he was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where the complainant was hospitalized at the time. When he did not locate the complainant in the emergency room, he left the hospital.

“At the same time as the indictment, a request for arrest was submitted in which Adv. Fink stated that the defendant had recently arrived at the police station, and confessed to him as well as the passage of time, and with a check on her medical condition, the complainant was able to give a detailed notice of the incident.”

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