Nadigar Sangam: Why the dismissal from actors’ association?: ‘Vijay”s brother’s explanation – udhaya gives explanation about nadigar sangam issue

Veteran actor-director Bhagyaraj from South Indian Actors Association, actors A. L. Udaya and Bobby are eliminated.

In a statement issued by Udaya in this regard, it is stated that,

It was a shock when I received the self-explanatory letter regarding the dismissal from the actor’s association.

I strongly condemn the removal of a legend like Bhagyaraj sir, who is considered a treasure of Tamil cinema, as it is regrettable to send a letter to explain himself.

A letter of explanation was given in response to the letter of self-explanation. Also, I said that I am ready to appear in person and give an explanation. I am now fired though.

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It wasn’t even a big deal to fire me and my co-star Bobby. But it is very sad that Bhagyaraj sir, who is highly respected by all, removed them.

It was a great crime to remove him for contesting the presidency during the last election. This is a false precedent and highly reprehensible.

Removing us from the association shows the vindictiveness of the present management.

Revenge has been with the current administration since the beginning. When we were in office last time, we said that we can solve anything by talking. But they earned their chagrin by dismissing many, including degenerate dramatists, without listening to it.

All questioners are dismissed. The Pandavar team was formed to question the Annan Sarathkumar team. But they (Saratkumar’s team) did not fire anyone.

Union building work is incomplete and there is not enough support from the members.
Revenge is the sole aim of the current administration.

This trend of the current administration has upset many members.

Many members fear that if they openly support me, they will be removed.

I have worked more for the association than the present administrators. Mr. A. C. Various works have been done by me including interest free loan from Sanmugam (ACS) for construction of Sangam building, free medical treatment for Sangam members and educational assistance. If this is my situation, I can’t even imagine the situation of others.

Deleting members like this does not solve anything. Whatever it is, it should be resolved by talking.

64 members of the association have died so far. They were not even given funeral money. Completion of association building work, and focus on welfare of association members. That is the current need.

I am making this statement as it is my duty to explain my side as a member who knows all the rules of the association.

always with love,
Actor Udaya

He said this in the statement.
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