Nakamichi Nakamichi Audio: Popular Soundbar Series Tour|Special Report

Nakamichi Nakamichi Audio: Popular Soundbar Series Tour|Special Report

Mr. Etsuro Nakamichi, the founder of Nakamichi (Nakamichi Audio), started the research institute in 1948. He was fascinated by contemporary high-tech audio technology, and once engaged in research work at the Imperial Japanese Navy Sonar Research Institute! After retiring, he invested in the development of electromagnetic reading technology at that time, and became a very important holder of tape read and write head technology at that time. The biggest feature of Nakamichi Soundbar is its simple and direct function.Starting from the technical theory, research the most suitable structural design,While keeping the sound highly authentic, the price is also maintained within the reach of ordinary players! Even if the budget is limited, everyone can choose a suitable playback equipment from Nakamichi’s products! In this article, the editor recommends three popular Nakamichi models for everyone, so that everyone can create a personal audio-visual space at any time! ! !

NAKAMICHI’s seventy-year technology-based ideology is rooted in research in the fields of electromagnetism, magnetic recording, acoustics and communications.

Create the ultimate play space with ease:Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 Soundbar

As long as you set up your own playback space, basically 365 days of the year can be your personal “World Music Day”! To balance simplicity and sound quality, Nakamichi has launched the world’s first 9.2.4 channel soundbar kit! This flagship phone supports 4K HDR10 and Dolby Vision passthrough. In addition to the main soundbar, the set is also equipped with two sets of subwoofers and four sets of surround sound speakers, with a total power of 1,000W, which can handle the playback space of up to 200 feet with ease. Since the soundbar combination is equipped with four sets of surround speakers, more precise dynamics can be reproduced. You can also make a combined arrangement according to your own preferences, making the speaker layout more flexible. Equipped with two 10-inch woofers each weighing 10KG to fully complement the sense of ultra-low frequency. You can also arrange the subwoofers in three different ways according to your listening preferences, making the space layout easier to play. The Ultra 9.2 main soundbar has built-in 6 groups of 2.5-inch full-range units and 2 groups of 1-inch tweeters to reflect sound, thereby enhancing the sense of spaciousness of the sound field. The Soundbar has built-in exclusive SSE (Spatial Surround Elevation) technology, which can be directly applied to Dolby tmos and DTS:X sound effects. In terms of connection, Ultra 9.2 has 3 sets of HDMI input and 1 set of HDMI ARC output, with optical and coaxial audio input. Ultra 9.2 provides Bluetooth 4.1 (supports AptX), which can be directly connected to mobile phones, tablets and other devices for streaming playback.

♦ Channel: 9.2.4
♦ Speaker Module: Soundbar x1 + Surround Speakers x4
♦ Subwoofer: 10-inch floor subwoofer x2
♦ Output Power: 330W (Soundbar) + 100W (Surround/Rear) + 470W (Subwoofer)
♦ Connection: HDMI input x3 + HDMI(ARC) output x1 + optical, coaxial, 3.5mm analog input + USB input, Bluetooth 4.1 (aptX)
♦ Sound technology: Dolby Atmos (Dolby TrueHD / Dolby Digital Plus), DTS:X (DTS-HD MA), etc.
♦ Pricing: HKD $22,980 (Expected arrival date: 1 month)
♦ Details:

Listening to songs, watching dramas:Nakamichi SoundStation 8W 2.1 Soundbar

For the needs of small and medium-sized dwelling users, Nakamichi also has another SoundStation 8W Soundbar that is very suitable for dwelling players, which can be placed in the living room and turned into a private cinema! This model has 4 built-in 10W full-range units and a 6.5-inch external subwoofer with 60W output! In addition to being directly placed on the desktop or TV cabinet, it can also be mounted on the wall. Built-in 3 kinds of sound modes: including Movie, Music and Dialog, to take care of the needs of different movie types! The SoundStation 8W supports AUX, coaxial and optical inputs, and uses Bluetooth and USB to play music! SoundStation 8W is equipped with LED lights to indicate the current input status, which is very convenient to use!

♦ Channel: 2.1
♦ Input Mode: BT / AUX / Optical / Coaxial / USB
♦ Bluetooth version: v5.0
♦ Output power: Soundbar: 40W + Subwoofer: 60W
♦ Pricing: HKD $1580
♦ Details:

Create your own “happy” time at will: Nakamichi SoundStation Venus 2.0 Soundbar

The SoundStation Venus for the squatter is nanohouseThe AV savior in between! This soundbar is a 2.0-channel integrated speaker, with a pair of 15W full-range units, supports Bluetooth 5.0 connection, the product size is 410mm x 73mm high, it is very suitable for the space of the snail house and the nano room, supports HDMI ARC, Coaxial, optical and 3.5mm connections and USB playback are available. There are three preset modes for music, movies, and dialogue to choose from. It supports wall-mounted/desktop placement! A full-featured remote control is included with the Soundbar. There are 3 preset scenes to choose from, and the high and low bass can be adjusted independently! Although the midsole frequency of SoundStation Venus is only auxiliary, the overall sound stability is not bad, and the vocal dialogue has a basic thickness! In addition, its MOVIE mode can also create a good sense of being out of the box, so that the actual performance can break through the 2.0 channel limit! It should be noted that it is dealing with complex sound effects with large dynamics and loud pressure. Although the SoundStation Venus will be limited by the physical limitations of the cabinet itself, it is quite enough to deal with the dwelling!

♦ Channel: 2.0 channel
♦ Sound Modes: Music, Movie, Dialogue
♦ Connection method: HDMI ARC, optical fiber, coaxial, 3.5mm, Bluetooth 5.0 (wireless)
♦ Output power: 15W x 2
♦ Dimensions: 410 X 95 X 73mm (LxHxH)
♦ Pricing: HKD $799
♦ Details:

Official online shop details:

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