“Name board in English.. It’s bad for a month..” Bamaga founder Ramadas warning!

“Name board in English.. It’s bad for a month..” Bamaga founder Ramadas warning!

Ramadoss, the founder of BAMA, has warned that if the billboards placed in English in private schools are not removed within a month, they will erase them with black ink.

Ramdas, the founder of Bamaka, is carrying out a campaign tour from Chennai to Madurai called ‘Tamili Thirta’. As a part of it, he participated in a public meeting held in Dindigul Manikundu area and said that private schools teaching in English medium should respect the laws of the government.

Ramadas also said that it is painful that everyone, whether educated or uneducated, speaks Tamil mixed with English.

Speaking further, he said, “I am going to search for Tamil throughout Tamil Nadu. I have not seen tamil anywhere. Will I see it in Madurai or not? A fear of But one thing is certain. This page is a billboard. Next time it should be written in Tamil. Otherwise they will come with a bucket of black ink to destroy it.

5 out of 10 in our Tamil language 3 in English 2 in your preferred language Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi or Marathi. But has anyone followed this law here? A month later we are going to replace all this with a bucket of black ink and a ladder. By then they will change it themselves.

Even if the government makes laws, these schools do not respect them. They immediately go to the High Court and the Supreme Court. You are all Tamils. Do not go to High Court and Supreme Court. So we humbly ask them.

We will come with bucket in hand, ladder and black ink. By then, we hope that there will be a big change in the names on these billboards,” he said.

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