Named two signs of “bad” cholesterol on the nails

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Elevated levels of low-density lipid cholesterol in the body – “bad cholesterol” – are known to be responsible for the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The problem has become global in the world due to the modern way of life, often characterized by the wrong way of life – the presence of bad habits, dietary errors and a number of other negative factors for the human body. Doctors consider older men to be at risk for heart disease, especially those suffering from other chronic diseases, such as obesity. However, potentially elevated “bad” cholesterol can threaten anyone with insufficient health care.

Cardiologist Sami Firuzi listed a number of symptoms, in the event of which a person should at least be alert and listen to the body, or even undergo an examination. According to the doctor, one of the signs of “bad cholesterol” is the growth of toenails. So, if the nails become brittle or grow too slowly, this, according to him, may indicate elevated cholesterol levels.

There are other symptoms on the lower extremities, the doctor pointed out. Thus, he called hair loss on the legs as an indicator of diseases associated with “cholesterol” diseases of the vessels; non-healing ulcers of the lower extremities; weakness in the legs, pain when walking, numbness; blanching or blueness of the skin, as well as shiny skin.

In an interview with the Medikforum website, the doctor noted that peripheral arterial disease “does not pose an immediate threat to life.” However, PAD-causing atherosclerosis sometimes sometimes leads to “serious and fatal problems.”

“Such as critical limb ischemia,” the doctor cited as an example.

He clarified that this disease occurs when there is a severe restriction of blood flow to the legs. Symptoms of this ailment include burning pain in the legs even during rest; blanching, shine, smoothness and dryness of the skin; open sores; loss of muscle mass in the legs. Another symptom, according to the doctor, is numbness of the skin of the toes, its blackening, swelling, and pus.

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